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ALUMET LLC Quality Policy

ALUMET LLC is a manufacturer of ladder equipment for domestic and professional use. The company was established on October 3, 2005.

Our mission: Reach heights together, inspire creativity and aspiration to succeed.

Our vision:

  • to strengthen the authority of the company in Russia and abroad;
  • to satisfy daily needs of the Russian market for modern and high-quality domestic ladder products, created on basis of world industry experience, to be a leader in the Russian market;
  • to develop sales in the near and far-abroad countries, being a world-famous manufacturer;
  • to guarantee the safety of our products;
  • to increase financial stability of the enterprise and the level of well-being of each employee.


  • we focus on our final consumer;
  • we appreciate our partners;
  • we appreciate people we work with;
  • employees and managers of all levels are involved in improving the work of the company;
  • we encourage leadership, responsibility and honesty;
  • we make decisions only based on facts and experience;
  • we respect competition and competitors.


  • we analyze world experience and industry trends daily;
  • we constantly improve our products and find new ideas;
  • we develop long-term partnerships with suppliers and customers;
  • we increase production culture daily;
  • we implement quality control at all stages of production process;
  • we constantly strive to increase labor productivity;
  • we use modern technologies and equipment;
  • we increase knowledge and competency in quality matters;
  • we provide professional development;
  • we provide management of process as a single system;
  • we conduct continuous process improvement.

The management of ALUMET LLC is committed to improve and advance the quality management system, reduce risks in all business operations of the company, ensure that the quality management system meets the requirements of ISO 9001 standard, as well as inform all employees of the organization about the quality policy and its objectives.

The management of ALUMET LLC encourages each employee of the organization to participate in the implementation of the policy and achievement of its quality objectives.

Director General E.A. Usovich