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SeriesSeries AD
Aluminum Twin Step Ladder


Series Series AD

Vendor code
AD 7202
  • AD 7202
2x2 0.39 0.45 2.49 0.42 40x20 1.6
AD 7203
  • AD 7203
2x3 0.60 0.68 2.70 0.44 40x20 2.2
AD 7204
  • AD 7204
2x4 0.81 0.91 2.91 0.46 40x20 3.0
AD 7205
  • AD 7205
2x5 1.02 1.14 3.12 0.49 40x20 3.7
AD 7206
  • AD 7206
2x6 1.23 1.37 3.33 0.51 40x20 4.5

Product features

The twin step ladder is a self-supporting portable ladder, tapering off to the top, having two sides for climbing, and unfolding for working at height. The upper working platform is formed only in the working position by two upper rungs of the two components of the step ladder.

The step ladder is secured with the help of two safety ropes. The strings and rungs of the step ladder are made of a high-strength aluminum shape. The rungs have a non-slip serrated surface.

The step ladder can be folded down and does not take up much space.

The steel twin step ladder of AD series is designed for various types of domestic or industrial work at the height of up to 3.5 m.

It should be noted that the production of step ladders has been automated, which excluded the influence of the ‘human error’ on product quality. At the same time, the step ladders acquired additional strength, increased reliability and durability.

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