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SeriesZZ Series
Galvanized Steel Step Ladder


Series ZZ Series

Vendor code
ZZ 403
  • ZZ 403
3 0.60 1.31 2.70 0.42 40x20 30x20 4.8
ZZ 404
  • ZZ 404
4 0.81 1.54 2.91 0.44 40x20 30x20 5.5
ZZ 405
  • ZZ 405
5 1.02 1.77 3.12 0.46 40x20 30x20 6.5
ZZ 406
  • ZZ 406
6 1.23 2.00 3.33 0.49 40x20 30x20 8.0

Product features

The step ladder is a self-supporting portable ladder, tapering off to the top, having a front side (a front foot), a support side (a support foot), and a work platform and spreading out for a specific task. The safety rail is structurally made in conjunction with the front side.

The strings, rungs and working platform of the step ladder are made of galvanized steel. The step ladder is protected against corrosion in the natural environment for decades. The back and front legs are interconnected. The work platform is made of galvanized steel. The rungs have a serrated surface. The shoes are made of high strength plastic. The step ladder in the working position is secured by the working platform; and for step ladders with five rungs and higher – by safety ropes. The number of rungs – from 3 to 10. ZZ series galvanized steel step ladder is designed for various types of domestic and industrial work at a height of up to 3.3 m.

It should be noted that the production of step ladders has been automated, which excluded the influence of the ‘human error’ on product quality. At the same time, the step ladders acquired additional strength, increased reliability and durability.

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