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Stepladder chair wide steps series MCH
Profile: Steel
Stage: Steel
Profile: Steel
Stage: Steel

Stepladder-chair with wide steps, steel, MSN and MS series designed for various types of work at a low (up to 3 m) height, both at home and at work.

The ladder is a free-standing portable ladder, having a side of the instep (front leg), a supporting side (back leg) and foldable for lifting to a height. Safety arc structurally executed in conjunction with the lifting side. Ergonomic roll bar with protective casing made of foam rubber is the main element of protection when working at height.

The bowstring of the front leg, hind leg and steps are made of steel profile protected from corrosion with powder paint. Back and front legs are connected by planks. Steps with plastic inserts the whole area, with corrugation. The shoes are made of high-strength plastic. The step-ladder in the working position must be fully open, the upper the step should lie snugly on the tube of the back leg.



Vendor code
MCH 202
  • MCH 202
  • MCH 202
2 1.01 0.48 2.58 4.5
MCH 203
  • MCH 203
3 1.27 0.71 2.81 6.1
MCH 204
  • MCH 204
4 1.53 0.95 3.05 8.1
MCH 205
  • MCH 205
5 1.79 1.19 3.29 9.6
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